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Thin Film Seals

Thin Film Seals can be made from different materials and are used to seal cavities and bridge gaps in high-tech equipment and products. Application is made simple by stacking multiple positioning tools, protecting the seal during installation. The total stack can have a thickness from 10µm up to 200µm and is cleanroom packed.

The Thin Film Seals can be coated for hydrophobic, hydrophilic or oleophobic properties. The coating thickness ranges from 20nm up to 1000nm. We can also mask specific areas for the application of localized deposition layers.

The adhesive thickness is specifically designed for the application, typically from 5µm up to 50µm. Glue types with high damping properties can be used for vibration handling, or low damping for use in high-acceleration control circuits.

The stack’s adhesive strengths and release forces are set for specific needs, with peel strenghts from 0.1 N/5mm up to 10N/5mm. Seals can have a full-surface area adhesive layer or can have adhesive-free zones. Seals made of Teflon-like materials are treated to increase adhesion strengths.

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