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Ultra-Thin Foils (UTF)

Ultra Thin Foils are used in different ways and can be made from different materials. All foils are surface cleanliness Grade 2 level (zero particles). They are used for protecting against possible wear and tear by moving parts or by service activities on site. Application in a critical environment is made simple by stacking multiple positioning tools, protecting the UTF during application. The total stack can have a thickness ranging from 10µm up to 50µm and is cleanroom packed.

Protection Foils

2D & 3D Protection Foils are used to prevent critical machine modules and mechanical assemblies from environmental contamination or damage. Foils protect the micro environment of sensitive equipment by sealing a module airtight. And if used close to ESD sensitive parts, the protection foils can be dissipative. When these foils are removed there are no residues left on the protected area of the module. Protection Foils are fully functionally tested for their specific application.

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