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Our customers drive innovation and the technology of the future.

We help bring your innovation into being.

We understand the science behind adhesion.


Adhesive Technologies

Ultra Thin Science


Contract Manufacturing

High tech Micro bonding & Surface treatment

The science behind Adhesion

To develop a solution today, we need to have a good understanding of our customers' technology of tomorrow!


Semiconductors play an increasingly important role in our daily lives by advancing technology and increasing connectivity.

Maan Special Products started working in the Semicon Industry in 2002. In this industry, development and advances in technology move at a rapid pace to keep up with the advancement of electronics and the complexity of new devices…


We are proud that our carefully made applications are used in the medical technology industry. We supply bonding/gluing and laminates for medical devices and equipment to the highest standards, for example:


For optical devices Maan Special Products can assist you with coating depositions onto your products. Another service we provide for optical devices, is that we can change the surface with a thin hydrophobic or hydrophilic coating deposition, supply custom alignment tools for calibration of optical systems and the assembly and bonding of optical production where high quality and cleanliness are needed…

Other Markets

Motivated by our drive for innovation, we get the best out of ourselves each and every day to offer you the best solution. You need a high-tech product or manufacturing solution not listed under one of the markets we serve today? Our R&D team can’t wait to co-create your new solution together with you.

Spot on Solutions

Our goal is simple: we aim to support and participate in developing technological innovation. We want to build on our expertise and continue developing with the customers we know and those we still have to meet.


Thin Film Seals


Ultra-Thin Foils


Mechanical Assembly


Surface Treatment

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