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Mechanical Assembly

To provide you with the precision mechanical assemblies you need, we specialize in adhesive bonding that requires precision placement at micron level and components manufactured to the most exacting semiconductor specifications. Adhesive bonding gives more freedom when designing and can be used on parts where no heat generated by welding or local deformation caused by bolting is allowed. Construction with adhesives also provides weight benefits, opening a path to even lighter products.

With that, quicker ways of application are possible and last but not least adhesives can be used where damping or elasticity is needed by design.

Maan Special Products conducts design reviews and provides assemblies manufactured to your specifications. Our flexibility allows us to evaluate various alternatives, giving you the optimum assembly solution to meet your timeline and volume.

Besides practicality & precision, our assembly capabilities include:

Plasma cleaning

Multicomponent sub-assemblies 

Adhesive bonding and alignment

Special shipping packaging for units and kits, according to the required semiconductor or medical grade and protection

Quality manual assembly by highly trained and skilled production specialists

Mechanical test verification

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