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Semiconductors play an increasingly important role in our daily lives by advancing technology and increasing connectivity.

Maan Special Products started working in the Semicon Industry in 2002. In this industry, development and advances in technology move at a rapid pace to keep up with the advancement of electronics and the complexity of new devices.

We design and build solutions in the semiconductor industry mainly focusing on the front-end lithography process:

Photo Masking

Front End Lithography equipment (DUV & EUV)

Metrology equipment

Mechanical Assembly

This is a set of 100 mm silicon wafers grown in a cleanroom facility.  They are sitting in quartz holders or boats after being in a silicon dioxide growth furnace.  The high heat from the furnace combined with oxygen converts the surface of the wafers to silicon dioxide.  The wafer colors are dictated by the thickness of the silicon dioxide layer and the viewing angle.  The purples and greens shown on these wafers are quite common and give the cleanroom a colorful and artistic touch.
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