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Ultra Thin Adhesive Technologies

Thin Film Seals (TFS), Ultra Thin Foils (UTF) and 3D Protection Foils are used to seal cavities, bridge gaps or protect surfaces in high-tech equipment and tooling.

Our products must have the smallest space claim possible, because in semiconductor equipment space is a rare commodity. Our expertise is in the application of ultra-thin layers of adhesive to multiple types of material.

Time restraints in high-tech fabs is critical, so we design our seals and foils to be applied quickly and right first time. No residues are left on the surface when our products are removed.

Thin Film Seals and Ultra Thin Foils are laser cut at a precision of 1µm, with minimal thermal influences, leaving the surface of the seal unharmed all the way to the edge. The side of the seal or foil can be cut at a specific angle if needed.


  • Protect surfaces
  • Spacers
  • Inlays
  • Alignment
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  • Thickness from 20µm up to 500µm
  • Adhesive-free zones
  • Seal cavities
  • Bridge caps
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