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Contract Manufacturing

Maan Special Products is your trusted partner for sub-assemblies or final assembled ISO packaged products as well as for surface treatment. When your operational constraints prevent you from performing this line of work yourself, our highly skilled technicians know exactly how to handle, align and install adhesive solutions.

Mechanical Assembly

To provide you with the precision mechanical assemblies you need, we specialize in adhesive bonding that requires precision placement at micron level and components manufactured to the most exacting semiconductor specifications. Adhesive bonding gives more freedom when designing and can be used on parts where no heat (welding) or local…

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Surface Treatment

With Low Pressure Plasma equipment, we can alter surfaces for improved adhesion strength and customized surface properties. For instance, a tuned wetting property for immersion techniques, or a hydrophobic surface for low adhesion properties. These coating layers are often a critical step for making parts and machines function properly. With…

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