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Other Markets

Motivated by innovation, we get the best out of ourselves each and every day to offer you the best solution. You need a high-tech product or manufacturing solution not listed under one of the markets we serve today? Our R&D team can't wait to co-create your new solution together with you.

Other projects we have innovated with include:

Membrane bonding in industrial and high tech applications, such as for fuel cells, acoustics and chemical applications

GlueTape, a hot-melt adhesive film on roll or sheet, with an accurate predefined thickness of 5µm to 150µm, possible applications: bonding (temporary or permanent), protection or against fraying

ElectricGlue, electrically conductive adhesive serving both as a bonding agent and as a conductor

Adhesive application on lead for X-ray scattering filter

Home automation: developing adhesive bonding of sun blinding strips to glass for solar shading between double-glazed windows operated by using static electricity

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