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Maan Special Products opens new Clean Room

Maan Special Products opened its new Clean Room in late 2020. With this new facility, Maan’s ISO level 5 & 6 production facility gained 400m2  for adhesive technologies and contract manufacturing for the high tech industry.

Installation of the first tools began in early 2020. The new Clean Room complements Maan Special Products’ other ISO level 5 & 6 production facilities that include an extensive Research Lab, a Coordinate Optic Measuring Machine (CMM), high-accuracy femtosecond ultrashort pulse laser cutter, CVD Plasma Coater and glue application technology developed in-house by Maan Engineering.

“Since our founding in 2002, we have kept developing together with our customers to stay one step ahead in product development,” CEO Bart Oude Wesselink states. Maan Special Products Division Manager Thomas Dunne adds: “The expansion of our Clean Room provides our customers in the Semiconductor, Medical and Optics industry with further resources for continued leading-edge solutions at a higher level of cleanliness.”

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